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The Anunnaki Skeleton & Fooprint

Modern science is trying to turn people off to believing in the giants by such as run a photo shop competition for people to make a giant. There were real photo being submitted on purpose to the competition to make real look fake and hide the truth. 

However, if you search far enough, there are facts and news with date when they were found in which country. They can hide bones, skeletons and twisted the fact to fool people, but they could not hide the last footprint from South Africa above.

Australian Government cuts $650m to foreign aid

The cuts, announced on Saturday, will strip almost $250 million in funding from the Asia-Pacific region and south Asia, despite Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's assurances that Australia will renew its foreign aid focus on the region.

Plan International said the timing of the cuts was almost as damaging as the cuts themselves, given the 2013-14 financial year is already more than 10 months underway.

"This is a mid-stream cut," Plan International chief executive Ian Wishart said.

"We are deep into the financial year and now some of these cuts will need to be yanked out of important programs that are already underway.”

The government will cut $61 million comes from the Pacific region, with only Nauru – which now hosts 942 asylum seekers on behalf of Australia – spared cuts.

Australia will also cut $116 million in planned expenditure from East Asia, including $59 million from Indonesia, $71 million from South and West Asia, including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, $113 million from Africa and the Middle East and $5.3 million from Latin America and the Caribbean.

half-breed primitive-man and anunnaki

For a white couple, if one of them had a black great-great-great-great-great-great grand parent, the chance of having a black colour skin child do exist. Instead of accusing your wife of having an affair, this is another path you should have a look at.

I know one case, a normal white couple with 6 siblings, one girl is black, at first I though this girl just came for a visit. I was surprised when I found out she was part of the family from the same bloodline.

The pictures above are very rare half-breed between primitive man and anunnaki. If our ancestor was a giant 400,000 years ago, the probably of having a giant kid is still there. 

When Westerners explored the new world many hundreds of years ago, meeting those giant people were not uncommon. As time go by, the chance is decreasing for the giant gene and giant people.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Planet X (Nibiru), Tiamat and Civilisation

According to the information by  Zecharia Sitchin on the Sumerian clay tablet 6,000 years ago, the planet Tiamat collided with Nibiru over 4 billion years ago.

There are 12 planets on our solar system, although scientists for centuries able to discover one by one with their telescope, they have been able to see so far only 9 planets in order from the Sun they are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. 

In January 2005, evidence was raised that there might be a 10th planet at the borders of our solar system called Eris.

Lately in 2013, NASA discovered the 11th planet, although this planet is so closed to Earth orbiting between Mars and Jupiter yet scientists missed it with their powerful telescope for so long is that it's the smallest planet in our solar system.

The 12th planet is what we called the Planet X. It's so far away, but yet it's so closed to the Earth once every 3,600 years. Scientist is still unable to know where it is at this stage. This Planet X or Nibiru has  extraterrestrial life which called the Anunnaki.

When Nibiru made collision with Tiamat 4 billion years ago, it smashed Tiamat into half.  Half of it became asteroid belt and other half became Earth.  Tiamat was supposed to be between Mars and Jupiter, but after the collision  it (Earth) was pushed to between Venus and Mars. In the old position is just the asteroid belt, the half broken of Tiamat, between Mars and Jupiter.

The extraterrestrial life on Tiamat was able to see this disastrous event, the elder and wise ones moved out to other planet with their spaceships, the rest didn't want to hear the truth died.

This might explained why the grooved sphere from South Africa is 2.8 billion years old., and the mysterious "Spheres" of Ottosdal, also from South Africa, it is 3-3.1 billion years old. Could it be those artifact were from the previous civilisation who once lived on Tiamat, now Earth. 

There might be a few other collisions in the past, where the moon of Nibiru and Earth collided millions years ago once in a while.  It destroyed many life on Earth and I believe it shifted the Earth poles, from hot to cold, as a result animals were freeze to dead while hunting. Scientist  were amazed how the dinosaur and it cousins died at least 65 millions years ago due to rapid climate changed. I also believe that as the North Pole changed it position to warm climate, its ice melted and flood most part of the world. Archaeologist discovered many cities under water world wide.

In the Bible it said, “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth … .” (Genesis 1:28a, KJV)

I don't know whether God has anything nothing with this, why should he killed life on this planet,  replenish the earth and now they are even more corrupted than before, they have the power to destroy this planet many times over. 

The Mayan said man was created 2 million years ago and by 160,000 years they were modern man. 

The Anunnaki came to Earth about 450,000 years ago to look for gold. They didn't like their tedious job so they genetically interfered in our indigenous DNA to create a slave-race to work their mines, farms, and other enterprises in Sumeria. It's well know and called Cradle of Civilisation. They created Man, Homo Sapiens, through genetic manipulation with themselves and ape man Homo Erectus. 

Humans are a cross-breed between Earth primitive man and Anunnaki. Sometimes they think so great in term of righteous, morality and advance in scientific, other times they are a total monster, controlling, raping, killing, greed with animal instincts. 

If the Anunnaki is true then in that case before 450,000 BC, man was primitive. They were intelligent but still uncivilised, basically  a caveman.
Not sure what years man was cross-breed with the Anunnaki. Some from the following below is an interesting fact suggested that someone created and used ancient technology as advance as modern man.

Copper Coin from Illinois, over 200,000 years old.

500,000 year old spark plug found in  Coso Mountains, California.  

Modern Human Skeleton from Tanzania, over 800,000 years old.

Modern Human Skull in Buenos Aires, over 1 million years old.

Human Figurines from Nampa, Idaho, about 2 million years old.

The London Artifact Hammer about 10 million years old. 

Mortar and Pestle in California, up to 55 million years old. 

Shoe Sole from Nevada, dated at 213 - 248 million years ago. 

Date 110 million old fossilised human hand print in Cretaceous rock in the same layer where also dinosaur footprints were discovered.  

An Artifact has been discovered in Russia, a 400 million years old time.
" And what appears to be the fossil of a human footprint, possibly wearing a sandal, was found near Delta, Utah in a shale deposit estimated to be 300 million to 600 million years old." 

Mysterious Letters from a Quarry found inside a block of marble from a quarry near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania dated dated 500-600 million years old. 

Metallic Vase from Pre-Cambrian Rock, over 600 Million Years Old.

"But in the Dorchester vessel we have evidence indicating the presence of artistic metal workers in North America over 600 million years before Leif Erikson. At this time in our planets history the was no life on land, plant or animal. The most advance life-form at this barren time in our planets history was simple algae floating in the seas. Yet somehow through time this beautiful work or art was brought and left behind and eventually buried and preserved in ancient rock. " 

On the contrary to the above quoted, according to the Mayan there were wild life on Earth in 820 years ago, but no man until 2 million years ago.

It seems the Anunnaki is a giant race as shown in the Egyptian stone were here, including other race who escaped from Tiamat tried to settle on Earth again.  Whether they were wiped by a collision between Earth and moon  of Nibirus or they moved out on their own, nobody know for sure. Also, ancient intergalactic war is not exclusive as later on when Earth and Nibirus can be so close to each other every 3,600 years or so.

To make it short, humans are not first civilisation on Earth. There were other races who lived here before modern humans. There are stories of lost civilisations everywhere including the lost City of Atlanta and the Continent of Mu in the Pacific etc.

Modern technologies were built on top of ancient Egypt & Sumerian, the East, Central America such as the Aztec, Maya and Inca technology etc. However much of modern science books are racism, did not give credit where credit is due because old ancient technologies are associated with the so called black or non-white people who live everywhere from Africa to Middle East, Asia, North America, Central and South America, even the North Pole and on every island around the world.

According to  Zecharia Sitchin, the Bible was copied from the ancient Egypt and Sumerian textbooks by the Roman Empire for which they ruled the the Mediterranean, Europe, North Africa and part of the Middle East for 500 years, from 753 BC to 27 BC. Much of ancient textbooks were copied and translated into the Bible to suite themselves and then destroyed the original textbooks.

The ancients built building monuments which are still here today, using techniques they brought “here” with them have been using a references for modern science such astronomy, medicine, chemistry, math and geography. Many of Western science has been just a rediscovery of what once were already here in the first place.

Where did Western given the credit to, off course the Western people and a lot of it is being given to the Greek country, especially the Greek alphabet, its mythology and its philosophy etc.

Check Wikopedia to find out where the Greek alphabet came from, it was from  the Egyptian Demotic. 

If Greek alphabet was borrowed from the Egyptian Demotic, what about Greek mythology? Many Western experts will argue and come to defence that Greek mythology and Egyptian mythology are parallel and Greek discovered everything on their own.

If Greek was unable to create their own alphabet how was it's going to create their your own mythology? There isn't any building monument in Greek to support this. It has few ruins but simply all are plain buildings.  

Greek civilisation started from 8th to 6th BC where their writing was taking place, meanwhile the Egyptian civilisation started c. 8,000 BCE to c. 525 BCE.

How were the Greek Aristotle born 384 BC, Archimedes Born 287 BC, Pythagoras born 570 BC and Plato born  427 BC supposed to record their ideas with no written language available yet?

I checked a site which title "Top 50 Geniuses Of All Time", all are 100% Westerners, nothing from Egypt. How about the a non-white scientist the founder of  Algebra, Muhammad bin Musa al-Khwarizmi? And other great Arab and Persian scientists which were so good in chemistry, even the English word "alchemist" is an Arabic word.

Even the most famous Chinese philosopher Confucius is not on the list.

It's morally wrong to copy works and ideas from the original textbooks of other races, and give credit to themselves as the original founder, and usually destroyed the original work in the process to make their copied work look original. It's a false superiority complex for Westerners, who has been often accused people around the world of copying their technology especially in Asia. Only if they knew where were their technologies originally came from.

"Islamic alchemy had a profound impact upon European Alchemy. Beginning in the eleventh century and continuing throughout the Renaissance, many Arab Alchemists’ works were translated into European languages, such as the works of Rhazes (c. 860–925), Avicenna (980–1037), and Gerber (c. 721–815)."

"Egypt thrived for thousands of years (from c. 8,000 BCE to c. 525 BCE) as an independent nation whose culture was famous for great cultural advances in every area of human knowledge from the arts to science to technology and religion. The great monuments which Egypt is still celebrated for reflect the depth and grandeur of Egyptian culture which influenced so many ancient civilisations, among them Greece and Rome."

It's good to see someone did admit the truth in the quotes above. However, it's only in a textbook that will not be used in school.

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The Badlands Guardian

"UN report says temperatures in Adelaide will make it world's hottest city on Thursday "

Gathering official predictions from around the globe, the UN's World Meteorological Organisation estimated Adelaide's 46C would not be topped in any major population centre.

A bushfire near Rockleigh and Monarto outside Adelaide. Picture: Ten Eyewitness News
A bushfire near Rockleigh and Monarto outside Adelaide. Picture: Ten Eyewitness News Source: Supplied

Only other Australian cities were predicted to come close to Adelaide's top, with Canberra expected to reach 40C, Melbourne 44C and Mt Gambier 45C.

Report author Professor Will Steffen said it was clear that climate change "is making heatwaves more frequent and severe".

"Heatwaves have become hotter and longer, and they are starting earlier in the season," he said.

"Australia has always had hot weather. However, climate change is loading the dice toward more extreme hot weather."

South American capitals, also deep into summer, are experiencing much cooler conditions except in Brazil where Rio de Janeiro is expected to reach 40 degrees overnight Adelaide time and then 34 degrees on Thursday.

Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. Temperature in the Brazilian city is set to reach 40C. Picture: AP Photo/Leo Correa
Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. Temperature in the Brazilian city is set to reach 40C. Picture: AP Photo/Leo Correa Source: AP
Santiago in Chile is predicted to be 34 degrees, Buenos Aires in Argentina will be 35 degrees.
New Zealand cities were all predicted to only reach the mid-twenties on Thursday.

Normally home to most of the hottest cities on Earth, the northern hemisphere is the grip of winter, and southern hemisphere cities are not expected to come close to Adelaide's extreme heat.
Victorians are set to live through the hottest temperatures on record as the mercury will sit above 40 degrees for 4 days in a row. Courtesy Channel Ten

Even Bangkok, Thailand, ranked the seventh hottest city in the world for average temperatures, will experience a comfy 32C on Thursday.

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Illuminati Corporate Logo Symbolism

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Buddhist Symbols

The parasol or umbrella
The parasol or umbrella
An umbrella can protect people from the different elements, like the sun or the rain. In this context, a parasol or umbrella can mean protection from suffering and harmful forces. It can also mean the enjoyment of the cool shade it provides.

The two golden fish
Two golden Fish
In older times, the two fish were drawn to symbolize the Ganges and the Yamuna rivers. It has, through interpretation, come to mean luck and fortune. It also means the courage and fearlessness to face the ocean of sufferings and to be able to swim freely like fish through water.

The Conch shell
The Conch shell
This large shell has been used in many countries as a traditional battle horn. In Buddhism, the white Conch shell that spirals to the right can mean the deep and joyful sound of the Dharma teachings. It is representative of the awakening disciples receive when they hear these teachings. The Conch shell can also mean the rousing of people from ignorance.

The lotus flower
The Lotus Flower
The lotus has been used in many teachings of Buddhism to impart the true nature of all mankind. The roots of the lotus plant are stuck deep in the mud, but it still grows above murky water and blossoms into a beautiful, sweet-smelling flower. The lotus can be analogous to how we rise up from our sufferings to reach enlightenment, beauty and clarity. Different-colored lotus plants mean different things in Buddhism. White means spiritual and mental purity, pink means the traditional Buddha, purple is for mysticism, red means love and compassion, while blue means wisdom.
The Banner of Victory
The Banner of Victory
This symbol represents how Buddha won over the demon Mara. This demon, in Buddhism, is synonymous to passion, lust and pride. The Banner of Victory is used to remind people that one must win over their own pride, lust and passions to be able to reach enlightenment.

The vase
The vase
A vase can be filled with many different things. The vase, in Buddhism, can mean the showering of health, wealth, prosperity and all the good things that come with enlightenment.

The Dharma wheel
The Dharma wheel
This wheel is also called the dharma chakra or the dhamma chakka and is often used to represent Buddha himself. It has also universally become the symbol for Buddhism. The dharma wheel has eight spokes, which represent Buddha’s Eightfold Path.

The eternal knot
The eternal knot
The intertwining of lines in the eternal knot is said to symbolize how everything is connected. It can also represent how religion and secular affairs, as well as compassion and wisdom are united and connected to each other.

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The origin of matter, vibration and frequency

The age of the Universe is about 13.8 billion years according to scientists. The actual date of it was carved on the Mayan rock date to 2,500 years that the age of the Universe is 16.4 billion years old. They Mayan divided the each cylcle into 13 sections.

Cellular cycle - 16.4 B (Action/  Reaction)
When 16.4 divided by 13 it became 1.26, life cell began on Earth and in the last 1.26 billion years it was ready for the next creation cycle.

Mammalian cycle - 820 M (Stimulus/ Response)
The first animals, wild life such as dinosaurs, tyrannosaurus, flock of birds and fish etc and 63.1 million years ago the creation was completed.

Familial cycle - 41 M (Stimulus / Individual)
The first intelligent mammal such as monkeys and other primates show up, where they live in a family,  and 3.1 million years ago the creation was completed.

Tribal cycle - 2 M (Similarities / Differences)
First humans and humanoids appeared on Earth 2 millions years ago, and by 158,000 years (BC) or 160,000 years (AD) the creation was completed.  Where for the next cycle they started to  use spoken language, look at the chart below for other details.

The Theory of Evolution do not fit in with the above concept. According to it humans were evoloved from australopithecus date 5 million years and 100,000 years ago they became neanderthal and later on became humans, but nobody ever able to provide the missing link.

Also, the Theory of Humans Migration started from Africa 100,000 years ago, arrived in Europe, Middle East and Asia around 40,000, in North America around 15,000 , Central and South America around 10,000 years.

However, the excavations in the 1960s , Hueyatlaco led by Cynthia Irwin-Williams in Mexico indicated human habitation in South America was date  250,000 years (c.a). Before her there was another scientist found artifacts as old as 500,000 years, sent one of them to the US for display in the museum, and it disappeared on its way back to him. 

It's not surprised at all, especailly all of Cynthia's artifacts were confiscated and the rest at the museum in Mexico were dsappeared without a trace. They discredited her works and she lost her career as well.

Her work and other scientists proved that the Theory of Evolution and Early Human Migration are all wrong. Any skelton and artifac that do not fit in with those two  theories  were discredited and disappeared. The sites were sealed off and the work was discontinued, sometimes the builders were called in and the site was turning into big buildings. This is called the forbidden archaeology.  It seems someone wants  humanity to go back to the dark age by forbidden and supressing humans knowledge.

According to the Bible, the first man and woman on Earth was Adam and Eve, and God created them somewhere between 4,000BC and 5,500BC in the garden of Eden. It's even far out from the truth.

Very few scientists exists nowaday. If they discover something that is of use to humanity their life could be at risked or otherwise their idea would be bought off and use to make massive money. You have to think inside the box, when you think outside the box they force you back in or else. The sad thing about 
modern educaton is people are told what to think, and not teach what to think.  

I believe that later on scientists with their improving telescope will say that age of Universe is exactly as that of the Mayan. 

Back to the past 2,500 years ago the Mayan had access to vast knowhow about the Universe and its future, it seems humans are just trying to catch up with the Mayan leftover knowledge. They are correct about the Universe and life on Earth, while school is being taught false theories. Nothing can beat the wisdom of the ancient thought.